Design Registration

In terms of acquiring design rights, the new one has not been shared with anywhere before.
The rights of the designs with qualifying qualifications belong to the name of the applicant.
Design registration is required within the framework of the system. Right ownership application in registration procedures
Registration application must be processed in order to be received by the owner.

The design of every design cannot be registered. Violating public morality, public order
It is forbidden to act on products that will break. At the same time pronounced distinctiveness
Designs that are used for imitation purposes, which do not have any novelty characteristics, are Turkish
Possible to be registered and covered by the Patent and Trademark Office
is not.

Design registration procedures are carried out by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. registration process conducted by the Turkish Patent provides protection within Turkey’s borders. If you design in a country abroad If registration protection is required, according to the operating procedure of the country to be applied, the design registration application is required.