Quality Management Systems

In order to increase our production and service quality, it is vital to manage quality documents and processes. In businesses, it has become almost impossible to follow the versions of thousands of quality documents in paper environment, have them approved and deliver them to the right people on time. PaperWork manages quality documents together with their revisions. It prevents unauthorized users from making changes on the document. With the revision approval process, it links the changes of the procedures to the approval mechanism. When the process is completed, it sends the link of the revision document to the relevant persons. This way, everyone is immediately aware of the change. It enables the process of corrective and preventive actions and customer complaints to work on the system in integration with each other. If deemed necessary at the end of the customer complaint process, CAPA process starts automatically. It provides uninterrupted flow of information from other processes of the business to quality processes. In addition, it allows you to easily manage the heavy document traffic caused by inspection processes and different quality certificates.