Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Capital!

It is all kinds of signs that show that the item on which the brand is placed or the service provided belongs to a certain business or that serves to distinguish the item or service from its counterparts in the market. The most basic function of the brand is to distinguish. For this reason, branded phrases should be original and characteristic, if not unique. The trademarks that describe their field of activity, that someone else has registered in advance or applied for registration cannot be registered on the grounds that they do not have distinctiveness.

Trademark law legislation in our country has adopted the registration principle in order to benefit from trademark protection. It is recommended that the trademark be registered and used because it is necessary to prove an intensive use for the acceptance of the real right ownership and the use of the trademark’s rights for unregistered trademarks creates difficulties.

With its experienced team, Marka Tescil provides consultancy services to its clients on the selection and research of brands, registrability status, brand renewals, similar trademark objections, trademark license agreements and all other issues related to trademark law. It also provides consultancy services on registration applications for domain names that are closely related to trademark rights and transactions for the cancellation of domain names that violate trademark rights.