Turkey hosted derelict industrial spent a year

President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT) Prof. Dr. Habib ASAN, noting that Turkey had a successful year in terms of industrial property, 2020 11 months of application of indigenous 11 percent in patents, designs in 10 percent reported increased 26 percent in 27 utility model so the brand.

ASAN, Turkey in the field of industrial property türkpatent the 2020 study assessed the latest situation.

Pointing out that despite the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, ASAN said, “We switched to digital platforms quickly and put into use new products, especially our trainings, and carried out all the activities we did face-to-face with the video conferencing system.” said.

Stating that 90 percent of the staff of the institution worked remotely during this period, ASAN said that there was an increase of nearly 40 percent in the performance of the staff and that the year was successful in terms of efficiency.

Pointing out that TÜRKPATENT is one of the leading institutions in the field of digitalization in the country, ASAN said, “We have been receiving all applications online for about 10 years. This year, we developed the Electronic Application System (EPATS) and started to receive applications via e-Government. all the services we provide to all parts of Turkey through e-government. ” he spoke.

“A positive indicator for 2021”

ASAN, emphasized that Turkey had a successful year in terms of intellectual property, “Kovid-19 outbreak because there was a large drop in applications in the industrial property field in many countries. 2020 Looking at the 11-month reference 11 per cent in domestic patents, designs in 10 percent, 27 percent in brand and increased more than 26 percent in the utility model. ” used the expressions.

Despite the outbreak of entrepreneurs in Turkey, stating that intellectual property issues very seriously ASAN, it also expressed that it is a positive indicator for 2021.

“Turkey is in the top 10 in the world”

ASAN, they also members of the World Intellectual Property Organization, gave information about the status of Turkey’s application under national industrial property statistics.

Turkey’s last year in six designs, the brand 8, # 14 that the transfer of the patent ASAN, he continued:

“We are in the top 10 in the general ranking. We were as the previous year, the 11th. International patent applications in Turkey was the highest increase in the country patent applications compared to 47 percent last year. 2058 we ranks 13th in the world by reference. Turkey We are again the first in the world with 38 percent increase in brand applications made by companies from Turkey. “

ASAN, Spain in front of Turkey in this area before, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Israel, Finland, noting that the transition of countries such as Denmark, said:

“TÜRKPATENT, 2017 from the World Intellectual connected to the United Nations since serving in Property Organization before is one of 23 international authorities. When we look at 2020’s 8-month figures, in terms of the PCT report we held Turkey is ranked 9th. 2021, Turkey’s first 7 I think he will enter. “